The Illuminati Reveals Itself


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The webpage speaks for itself. This is huge, as they are now becoming more public as their agenda becomes more finalized in this world. The logo you see below is called “The Mark”..Is this what the future ‘Mark Of the Beast’ will look like? They even admit to using occult imagery and have influential members from all walks of life but that comes with a price tag. As it is a requirement to earn $1Million USD a year to join. Does this say vindication for those of you like me who are much against the NWO and it’s evil? The website speaks louder than words.


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REBLOG: Dithering While the World Heads to WWIII

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Posted by lamarzulli on October 14, 2014

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L. A. Marzulli

Zakaria: Iraq’s army has collapsed

Obama to Send 3,000 Troops to Liberia in Ebola Fight

U.S. forces will construct 17 health care facilities of 100 beds each to isolate and treat victims. The U.S. mission will also set up a facility to train 500 health care workers per week.

Obama is sending troops to Liberia to set up hospitals and beds.  Nice plan.  I feel so much better knowing that POTUS is taking care of the Ebola plague which so far, has killed about 3500 people.  Always good to send our blood and treasure to erect tents.

Meanwhile, ISIL has overrun much of Iraq and we may see the fall of Baghdad soon.  The body count is in the tens of thousands, but the media focuses on Ebola.  False-Flag-Flapjacks anyone?

At the start of WWII, Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister assured the world Hitler wanted peace and had a white piece of paper to prove it.  Shortly after Hitler marched into Poland under a false flag operation designed to promote his invasion of that country.

Yesterday the Brits voted to recognize Palestine,  and the measure passed by an overwhelming majority.  The Palestinians and HAMAS do not want peace, they want the removal of Israel.  Meanwhile, ISIL has been so far unstoppable and the Brits should be voting on sending troops to defend Baghdad, but they won’t and just as Obama does nothing, the Brits turn a blind eye to what I believe are the beginnings of WWIII.

I scoured the Internet before writing this post and there’s not a peep in any of the major media outlets about Iraq.  All the news is centered on the Ebola “crisis.”

The world is allowing the rape of Iraq by ISISL.  They have killed thousands and will continue to do so.  When they march into Baghdad what happens next?  The US has oil interests and also has constructed one of the largest military bases in the world there.

The question, that is the 900 pound gorilla in the room, is this, where will ISIL go next?  As I pointed out in a previous blog, taking Baghdad will bolster their hubris.  They will believe falsely that they are invincible as they are doing the will of Allah.

Jordan lies to the west of Iraq and ISIL has already proclaimed they want King Abdullah of Jordan’s head.

In closing todays post.  POTUS should be sending troops to Baghdad.  The Brits should be scrambling to stop ISIL as well.  ISIL is the game changer in the region and if and when Bagdad falls to them, then what?  This is the beginning of WWIII, in my opinion, and yet our leaders dither….


Prophecy Update: Vision given To Me While In Worship To G-d


Aaron Prophecy 18 September 2011 - New Zealand

(Above: Picture available to share)

I know for sure the 4th (Top) is the final scene. At the expense of forgetting the order I weighed the decision to share this so as not to have blood on my hands when so much in the world is going on, and much of this prophecy is actually coming to pass as we speak and many prophecies and visions I’ve read all predict a Russian Invasion of USA and possibly 1 or many Nuke’s going off.

The vision was pretty much self explanatory, with no audio.

My take on the heart disintegrating could be the world’s foundation falling apart towards more chaos (including apostacy in the Church/Body). Which I’ve seen heightened lately, even here in quiet little New Zealand

The Mass of People would be worldwide Anarchy and uprisings/revolutions

The bat creature I feel is the final and points towards the beast/world government rising and the world dictator in power

The mushroom cloud speaks for itself

I hope you can share this and pass it on.

Whether you think I am a doomsday freak, false prophet, not of G-d or what have you, I stand by what the vision I got, and I will go to judgement and say I only told them what I saw I did not claim to be anything or anyone.

G-d bless you all

Shalom in Yeshua