Citizen Four (The Review)

“Citizen Four” opened at select theaters across New Zealand Thursday 12th February. As a bias activist against “Big Brother” I fully anticipated this movie. Edward Snowden did a righteous thing in the face of Slanderous charges by the State. My full support and love goes to him and his partner off the grid in Russia. While I will only divulge one snippet paraphrased quote as best as I can remember from the movie, to set the tone it is the same motto I have for this ministry: “I am not the story, as much as I have done It is about the documents (Classified documents about NSA…”.

Citizen Four is a great thriller, set in a secret room where Snowden reaches out to the audience through his courage and resolve. This movie is a must for any critics, bias and deniers to understand what is going on without the rabble of internet trolls, main stream media rhetoric, distractors or so called debunkers. You get to hear it from the horses mouth of Edward who worked for the NSA. Citizen Four certainly delivers and deserves an oscar and even best documentary of the year in any category.

I highly recommend seeing it and buying the film when available. Go to to see how you can protect yourself from Govt and Big Brother.


To Edward Snowden: Thank you for what you did, honestly and truthfully I would have done the same or more if I were in your situation. May G-d bless you and your Partner where ever you are. The truth will set you free, and it surely has for those in denial of State corruption. May you be blessed and I hope “They” never get you, I pray for your protection and invisibility by G-d that he may keep you safe from harm and that includes your Partner and family. Have fun in Russia. Shalom

Aaron for Truth4IsraelNZ


The Illuminati Reveals Itself


How To Join:

The webpage speaks for itself. This is huge, as they are now becoming more public as their agenda becomes more finalized in this world. The logo you see below is called “The Mark”..Is this what the future ‘Mark Of the Beast’ will look like? They even admit to using occult imagery and have influential members from all walks of life but that comes with a price tag. As it is a requirement to earn $1Million USD a year to join. Does this say vindication for those of you like me who are much against the NWO and it’s evil? The website speaks louder than words.


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Randy Quaid fights the Illuminati (May God be with him and his family!)

It seems Randy Quaid has been going through tough times at the hands of the Illuminati and Corrupt Entities in the US

It takes courage for someone in his stature to expose corruption in Hollywood and Government.

Please pray for him and his family!

May God protect them and keep them safe, and be their guard and strength.