Open Letter To Sanitarium

Hi I have a few questions for you and the company.

1. Can you confirm if you are HALAL Certified

2. If so, how does this happen when you are a Seventh Day Adventist Company?

3. Quoting from the bible: Acts 15:29 “to abstain from what has been sacrificed to idols, from blood, from things strangled, and from fornication. If you keep yourselves from these, you will be doing the right thing. Shalom!”

this is the standard instruction given to all believers in Jesus, so why get mixed up in Non Christian beliefs and ways of the world?

My unfortunate stance now is boycotting anything HALAL and warning people not to eat or drink anything to do with HALAL, it is also a racketeering operation where your funds are now being used by the Halal certification company to go towards Jihad and support Terrorism.

Shalom and I hope you can change your minds on this issue of Iniltration of Islam through Shariah Law and HALAL



The Trans Pacific Partnership deal is another secret round table discussion happening at the moment between most of the pacific region and Americas.

WikiLeaks is responsible for helping leak a few chapters on the reality of this agreement, which is yet to be totally agreed apon by its participators. This huge power grab by Corporations and Elite is unprecedented in modern history as this agreement will affect many areas of business and not for the good. Who comes out on top?

Government, big pharma, Monsanto, and multi-billion dollar corporations, which already influence the New World Order that is being set up.

Smaller businesses will be forced to comply or end up being in trouble. It will cause medication to sky rocket, it will stop our countries sovereignty and also block our countries from making our own laws, because they would have signed this agreement binding their proverbial hands together and letting Global Government dictate business. One such thing which will come in to effect would be the ability for multi-billion dollar businesses or governments to sue other governments even though they should not be a legal entity to sue as Government is supposed to be a non-trade or commercial entity.

So I say TPPA NO WAY! This will be another nail in a countries sovereignty coffin, and a rise in Global Government. I believe that in these times we the people can still make a difference and take action by signing petitions, making submissions, talking to local council members and or MP’s (Or your respective representatives depending which country you are in) and get active.

Kia Kaha, Shalom and May G-d save us all from this tyranny


Citizen Four (The Review)

“Citizen Four” opened at select theaters across New Zealand Thursday 12th February. As a bias activist against “Big Brother” I fully anticipated this movie. Edward Snowden did a righteous thing in the face of Slanderous charges by the State. My full support and love goes to him and his partner off the grid in Russia. While I will only divulge one snippet paraphrased quote as best as I can remember from the movie, to set the tone it is the same motto I have for this ministry: “I am not the story, as much as I have done It is about the documents (Classified documents about NSA…”.

Citizen Four is a great thriller, set in a secret room where Snowden reaches out to the audience through his courage and resolve. This movie is a must for any critics, bias and deniers to understand what is going on without the rabble of internet trolls, main stream media rhetoric, distractors or so called debunkers. You get to hear it from the horses mouth of Edward who worked for the NSA. Citizen Four certainly delivers and deserves an oscar and even best documentary of the year in any category.

I highly recommend seeing it and buying the film when available. Go to to see how you can protect yourself from Govt and Big Brother.


To Edward Snowden: Thank you for what you did, honestly and truthfully I would have done the same or more if I were in your situation. May G-d bless you and your Partner where ever you are. The truth will set you free, and it surely has for those in denial of State corruption. May you be blessed and I hope “They” never get you, I pray for your protection and invisibility by G-d that he may keep you safe from harm and that includes your Partner and family. Have fun in Russia. Shalom

Aaron for Truth4IsraelNZ

A Short History Lesson: From 9/11 To Warrantless Spying In New Zealand

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

I found myself writing a comment on The Standard this morning in reaction to their publishing Brian Gould’s piece explaining why Labour outsmarted National when they voted with them to allow warrantless spying on Kiwi’s.

And as happens I found myself writing something that became seminal for a post for my own blog.

I found myself writing about New Zealand’s Labour party lead by Andrew Little compromising on the right of New Zealanders to be free of unlimited “Governmental” spying on them and the history leading up to these law changes. I found myself writing about Andrew Little’s and Labour’s reprehensible and dangerous lack of insight in the Geopolitical developments over the last 13 years. In fact since the events of 9/11.

Let me explain what I mean with unlimited spying:

When you allow a “Government” even the tiniest window of unwarranted (= uncontrolled by the third arm of Government…

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Another Step Closer to Psalm 83….

L.A. Marzulli's Blog

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L. A. Marzulli

The Syrian rebel militia Al Yarmouk Shuhada Brigades, backed and trained for two years by US officers, mostly CIA experts, in Jordan, and supported by the Israeli army, has abruptly dumped these sponsors and joined up with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, DEBKAfile’s exclusive military and counter-terrorism sources reveal.

1. The Yarmouk Brigades are strung out along Israel’s Golan border with Syria, from the UN peacekeepers camp opposite Kibbutz Ein Zivan (see map) in the north, down to the Israeli-Syrian-Jordanian border junction in the south. The Brigades therefore sit along 45 of the total 76 kilometers of the Syrian-Israeli border. This means that a long stretch of Israel’s Golan border with Syria has fallen under the control of the Islamic State.

2.  This militia also commands sections of the Syrian-Jordanian border, as well as districts of the southern…

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