Open Letter to Mitre 10 Mega New Zealand

To (Retracted for Privacy):

Hi I have been an activist against Monsanto for some time but also concerned that it is a product your selling in your store, and maybe also nationwide?
here are some articles on why I think roundup is bad news:
The World According To Monsanto Documentary:
also Monsanto is known to lie to the public and is known to control most of the farming culture around the world with it’s GMO seeds, and sues any farmer if they decide to opt out or if Monsanto’s “Patented” crops/seeds spread on to other farmers land. They are bullies and I would recommend cancelling anything from this company.
I hope you can make yourself aware of this, and other stores.
If you do not agree then at least i have let you know about this information and hope you can consider it.
I really am looking out for my fellow New Zealanders and those companies I believe in.
Thanks hope things are well

Letters to Australia and NZ

To: Australia

Australia’s stance on Jerusalem‏


To: MP Julie Bishop
From: Aaron Livingston for Truth4IsraelNZ
It is with great delight to thank you and the Australian government for standing with Israel and the Truth in the face of lies coming for the so called “Palestinian” movement and cause proclaiming that Israel or Jerusalem in this case is “Occupied”.History shows that Israel belongs to the Jews and how we treat Israel and God’s people is how a nation or people will receive either bad things or good things in context to the bible. Whether you believe in God or not, History has shown with evidence of the WW2 conflict and Holocaust what happens with either decision on how we treat Israel and the Jews.Thanks once again and God bless Australia and your government for your stance in support of IsraelShalom and God bless you and your work



Twitter: @Truth4IsraelNZ

To: New Zealand

Will NZ follow after Australia’s decision on Jerusalem?‏

09/06/2014To: Hon. Murray McCully
From: Aaron Livingston for Truth4IsraelNZIt is with great delight that I thank the Australian Government on it’s decision to stand with Israel and uphold true Historical fact that Israel or at least in this case Jerusalem is not “Occupied” territory as the so called “Palestinians” proclaim.I am writing to ask and suggest that we should follow suit and announce this same proclamation that Australia has made in the face of lies that the Palestinians claim Jerusalem is Occupied, when in fact history shows that Jews are from Israel and always have been, regardless of blatant lies coming from any Palestinian cause and claims.Whether you believe in God or not, it is shown that through history how we treat God’s people is shown by two outcomes. treat them inhumane or steal their land ends up bringing more destruction and sorrow on those who come against them, or treat God’s people with truth and love and humanity and live in peace, joy and prosperity. History shows this through the evidence of WW2 and the Holocaust on what outcomes a people or nation receives.

So I call this government to stand with Israel in it’s good times and bad. Please discuss and consider this within our Government and come to a decision.

God bless you and this Government

Thank You for all your hard work and what you do for this country and others



Twitter: @Truth4IsraelNZ


Reply from the Foreign Minister of NZ:

NZ’s Stance On Israel