The Trans Pacific Partnership deal is another secret round table discussion happening at the moment between most of the pacific region and Americas.

WikiLeaks is responsible for helping leak a few chapters on the reality of this agreement, which is yet to be totally agreed apon by its participators. This huge power grab by Corporations and Elite is unprecedented in modern history as this agreement will affect many areas of business and not for the good. Who comes out on top?

Government, big pharma, Monsanto, and multi-billion dollar corporations, which already influence the New World Order that is being set up.

Smaller businesses will be forced to comply or end up being in trouble. It will cause medication to sky rocket, it will stop our countries sovereignty and also block our countries from making our own laws, because they would have signed this agreement binding their proverbial hands together and letting Global Government dictate business. One such thing which will come in to effect would be the ability for multi-billion dollar businesses or governments to sue other governments even though they should not be a legal entity to sue as Government is supposed to be a non-trade or commercial entity.

So I say TPPA NO WAY! This will be another nail in a countries sovereignty coffin, and a rise in Global Government. I believe that in these times we the people can still make a difference and take action by signing petitions, making submissions, talking to local council members and or MP’s (Or your respective representatives depending which country you are in) and get active.

Kia Kaha, Shalom and May G-d save us all from this tyranny



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