BREAKING: EU Decide’s two Anti-Israel processes in one day!

In a prideful decision, the EU has made two Anti-Israel decisions in one day. 1st it removed HAMAS from it’s Terrorist list, and secondly voted in favour of a Palestine State. Showing it’s prideful behaviour against the one true G-d. Sadly this also decides the fate of the Govt’s member States as they have all signed a Covenant/Contract with the sovereignity and power to the EU. It is also known that it is very difficult to cancel or get out of the EU or UN, obviously G-d is bigger if a nation decides to truely repent. But the question is will any Repent? I pray they do, otherwise all these nations listed here: will be going in to Judgement. We have just passed another prophetic warning sign and road sign, G-d’s plans are in motion and by this one it looks like we will most likely see Joel 3, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38-39 very soon.


EU Takes Hamas Off Terrorist List:

EU Votes In Favour Of Palestine:


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