Contrails or Chemtrails? Something Is Going On

While the establishment denies anything going on, and paid off “Status Quo” Scientists spewing con trail excuses, you cannot deny that these trails are happening, and do not dissipate within minutes as contrails are supposed to do.

I was out driving around 2pm-3pm and stopped to take a photo of a singular Trail. Once it got to 4pm it turned into a spread out artificial cloud formation across the skies.

Note: If you doubt these things are happening then go here and look at some official documents:


Chemtrail1 Chemtrail2 Chemtrail3



Chemcloud1 Chemcloud2 Chemcloud3 Chemcloud4 Chemcloud5 Chemcloud6 Chemcloud7 Chemcloud8 Chemcloud9 Chemcloud10 Chemcloud11 Chemcloud12 Chemclud13








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