Moderate Islam?

*UPDATE 1.0 at the bottom of the page

Islam is spreading worldwide, and has now infected Western countries, there is an Islamic virtue that gives an Islamic believer the right to Lie to anyone to better Islam and re-educate lies towards Israel, the Jews and Christians/Messianic and non-believers or be subject to Sharia Law’s tax or the most barbaric option to have your head and/or hands cut off.

While I do believe there are those within Islam who may have a soft heart and God will call out people to the truth of Yeshua. Fundamentally Islam is what it is, and is totally an Anti-Messiah faith and even against non-believers as a whole.

While we can accept and love the person, Yeshua never said their Pagan belief would be welcome.



Update 1.0: Islam forces Subway UK to stop selling Pork and Bacon: (As I can agree that Pork is bad, the fact that its under Islamic rule is the issue here)


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