Welcome to the Super Soldier Bowl with Snipers in the Stadium!

This could very well happen, IF it doesn’t it is either because of God having mercy through intercession, or the NWO not following through because this has gone Viral

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents will be eyes in the sky come Sunday. They will be in Black Hawk helicopters, enforcing the 10-mile no-fly zone around the stadium.


False Flag?  http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/472355-treason-bowl-letter-claiming-false-flag-attack-at-super-bowl-goes-virall

Snipers!  http://www.wnd.com/2014/01/hidden-snipers-will-be-deployed-in-super-bowl-stadium/?cat_orig=us

There will be snipers at this years super bowl.  They will be positioned throughout the stadium with their rifles at the ready!  What if one of the snipers has money on the game?  Will he then open fire at a key plater, if his team is loosing?  Is anyone else outraged by this?  This is the real state of the union in 2014!  We live in a police state, where Black Hawk helicopters will be enforcing a 10 mile no-fly zone around the stadium.  Helicopters?  Really?

Obama told us Al Qaeda was on the run! http://cnsnews.com/news/article/obama-touts-al-qaeda-s-demise-32-times-benghazi-attack-0  So I guess the beleaguered members of Al…

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