Meet the Servant

Hi I am Aaron I live in New Zealand and became a believer in late 2001…No not because of 9/11 but that is another story.

As years went on I felt that the leaders and the church weren’t telling the full truth, most built on lies or copied from a traditonal christianity by the roman or other denominations. As Yeshua said we keep the traditions of man in vein to what the scriptures actually say. So I went on a truth seeking mission and still am today, as we are all supposed to be if we are HIS children. I knew in my heart before I was a believer that Saturday had significance and that Sundays as we were lead to believe, just didnt fit right within my heart as a kid, even to the extent of persecution by my parents for dear I ask or question their authority.

This started a search and journey. However because of hanging with the wrong crowd that lead me away, on a path of lawlessness against God and I thank him for his patience and grace that He can take me back just as the parable of the prodigal son. Once I had returned my eyes were truely opened to the new and truthful claim that the Church definately had not become the new Israel or replaced it (Replacement Theology, a Herecy in many church’s..REPENT!)

I then went on a more better truth journey, reseraching for myself the truth about the Messianic Movement (No it doesnt matter if you are a Jew Or Gentile, you can still be a Messianic believer). The truth of the Sabbath, the feasts and even unhealthy eating (Pork, Shell Fish) as Yeshua kept all these and the followers after, yet the church are blind to see that in scriptures, even that the bible is a Jewish book, written by Jews, for the Jews and the Gentiles are grafted in (Romans 9-11) which means as we also celebrate a Jewish messiah and God and do like the scriptures say then we will uderstand the bible more.

Why did I title this meet the servant? Obviously for the reason that I am not the creator of this Ministry..God is, I am simply a messenger, I was not called as such, but felt this was a service to him, an obligation to warn, teach and tell the truth about palestine and the arabs, but mostly to bridge a gap between Jew and Gentile.

That is all I can think of at this stage.

Shalom and May YHVH Bless You, May he keep you, May HIS Face shine apon you and be gracious to you, May HE lift up his face and give you HIS peace.

Shalom Shalom Baruch Yahweh Yeshua HaMashiach


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